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Fitbit – APIs and Access Control Failures, a simple API bug allowed to harvest millions of user private activities!

 In this write-up we will show you how Seekurity team was able to harvest all the user’s private/custom activities leaves more than 20 million private custom activities data in danger. First of all, this write-up is not a new one and the discovery itself is dated back to 2017 but we decided to disclose it […]

١٠١ - دليلك فى البرمجة ومجال امن وحماية واختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب

“101 دليلك فى البرمجة ومجال امن وحماية واختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب” “ازاى ابدأ فى مجال اختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب؟” – “ازاى ادخل مجال ال Web Application Security Pentesting” دا مثال للأسئلة اللى بنستقبلها مراراً وتكراراً، كنت كتبت بوست قبل كدا بيشرح كل دا من A to Z هنزله النهارده تانى بس فى صورة مقال علشان […]

Web Application Security on Fire - PHP Developers Cheat Sheet version (Slides from UNAM Mexico talk)

Hey! Building a website? Or already built a one? Think twice before going public and let us protect your business!

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