١٠١ - دليلك فى البرمجة ومجال امن وحماية واختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب

“101 دليلك فى البرمجة ومجال امن وحماية واختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب” “ازاى ابدأ فى مجال اختبار اختراق تطبيقات الويب؟” – “ازاى ادخل مجال ال Web Application Security Pentesting” دا مثال للأسئلة اللى بنستقبلها مراراً وتكراراً، كنت كتبت بوست قبل كدا بيشرح كل دا من A to Z هنزله النهارده تانى بس فى صورة مقال علشان […]

Vulnerability in Metasploit Project aka CVE-2017-5244

    Hi Guys, I hope you all are fine and doing well. Yes you read it right, We managed to find a vulnerability in a framework used to exploit vulnerabilities! “Today is me tomorrow will be you” 🙂 Today we will talk about a CSRF vulnerability affects the web application of both versions (Express, […]

WhatsApp Clickjacking Vulnerability - Yet another web client failure!

Hi Folks, I know it’s a little bit lame to mention 2 clickjacking vulnerabilities in row but that what bug hunters always do exposing the largest companies security failures, (Previously was Telegram) this time is the gigantic well-known 19 billion dollar messenger WhatsApp.

Official Telegram Web Client ClickJacking Vulnerability - When crypto is strong and client is weak

    [*] Introduction: Modern Web Applications nowadays are relaying on a lot of technologies where typical web applications vulnerabilities are hard to find (eg. Clickjacking is an ABC security bug) but bug hunters are always the best!

Web Application Security on Fire - PHP Developers Cheat Sheet version (Slides from UNAM Mexico talk)

Hey! Building a website? Or already built a one? Think twice before going public and let us protect your business!

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