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Advisory: MyBB Two Factor Authentication extension Vulnerabilities
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[-] Product Description:
MyBB-2FA is an unmaintained MyBB plugin that allows MyBB admins to enable Two Factor Authentication in for their forums users.

[-] Vulnerability Type:
Cross Site Request Forgery

[-] Impact and more info:

[-] Vulnerable Request Type:
GET based

[-] Vulnerable Module/Parameter/Path:

[-] Proof of Concept URL:

[-] Fix Suggestion:
Implement an Anti-CSRF token to protect forging requests

[-] Product URL(s):

[-] Advisory:

[-] Disclaimer:
This bug is subject to Seekurity SAS de C.V. responsible disclosure rules which is a 90-day-disclosure-deadline. After 90 days elapse or a patch has been made broadly available, the bug details will become visible to the public through our official communication channels.

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Advisory: Authentication extension Factor MyBB Two Vulnerabilities

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